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How is laminated glass made and what are its main applications?

The laminated glass in the "Lamina" technology is formed as a result of the process of gluing with the help of a special EVA film of two or many glass panes. It is also possible to combine glass with other materials, e.g. metal, stone, plastics. This process is commonly called glass lamination. Lamination takes place in a laminator chamber also called a laminating oven. The materials to be glued arranged in the correct order are closed in a special vacuum bag and subjected to high temperature. Thanks to lamination, the glass is more mechanically resistant and in case of breaking, the shards do not break down. The type of foil used also determines the other properties of laminated glass, e.g. UV transmittance, translucency, and sound insulation. Laminated glass is widely used today not only in vehicles, floating and flying objects but mainly in construction and architecture.

construction of buildings

Building facades, balustrades, glass roofs and many other structural elements. Layered glass is one of the most popular materials used in modern architecture.

interior construction

Balustrades and glass stairs. Door leaves and all-glass buildings are elements without which it is difficult to imagine a contemporary interior.

interior design

Functional and highly aesthetic laminated glass products for the kitchen, bathroom and also public space are invaluable products in the broadly understood interior styling.


Laminated glass as a carrier of information and advertising content. Durable and easy to clean, being also a construction material.

Security and protection

Windows that protect people in vehicles, floating and flying objects. Protection of machine operators and industrial installations. Anti-theft and bulletproof glass.

Made using laminated glass

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